Sunday, January 2

Thank Heavens for Inspiration!

Yesterday, my condition of fibromyalgia had gotten the best of me – and in turn, everything went wrong when playing the oboe – and I had prepared a blog posting that might have been uselessly depressive. But, lo and behold, Providence kicked-in once again and furnished me with the inspiration to again set sail for sunny shores!Oboj

I was reminded of a tune I had played in 1992 (or 1993?) as solo oboe with the McGill Wind Symphony. This was a student production, naturally, but nonetheless it was really the crowning glory of my performing life. The tune is little known, unless you’re a big fan of ABBA, and I had kept the solo sheet music. Though searching Google and Wikipedia for the composer yielded nothing useful at all, some You-Tube postings were enough to get my muses flying once again!

No, I won’t say who the composer is nor what the tune is: I will use it as my 1st You-Tube recording! I can’t get the score for it, but the harmonization is easy enough, so I’ll make a MIDI file and, hopefully, get my Yamaha Clavinova to accompany ($%@&! Windows drivers) as I bring it out of the dusty closet at last!

This will take a few weeks to do. But it shows that the call to music remains stronger than the woes of life and when things look dark, Providence lights a candle! When you hear this piece, as long as I do it credit, I think you’ll agree its power to inspire is strong and deeply touches the soul.

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