Thursday, February 10

2nd IMS treatment–OUCH!

O.K. the physiotherapist said I had responded well to the first treatment,trigger_point_trapezius2 so instead of doing half the right shoulder, he did the full right shoulder, right ribs, the full left shoulder and the lower back…..


But it might be well worth it: last Saturday, all of a sudden, out of the blue, my right shoulder just relaxed and felt easy and comfortable like I haven’t felt in years… in fact, I don’t remember the last time I felt such…. what is the word… absence of tension, absence of pain! In fact, right now as I type, my right shoulder feels easy again like I can’t remember ever felling this “normal” It’s weird because after 20-30 years of tension and pain, you start thinking that its all in your mind and the pain is just normal that dry.needlingyour mind is misunderstanding.

But, apparently I wasn’t crazy: a whole lot of people suffer from shortened muscles, giving chronic pain. The therapist assures me that these episodes of release will repeat and become permanent. The treatment actually triggers the body’s own healing processes. But how they do that is to actually injure the muscle! So inserting a needle is not enough, they find the worst knot in your muscle, insert the needle there, push it in until the muscle grasps the needle and then bob it up and down and left and right until the muscle twitches…. by that time I’m literally yelling bloody murdeIntramuscularr!

But I’ll tell you something, that feeling of relaxation and release of tension makes it aaallllll worthwhile.

More info later!

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