Monday, December 20

First breath.... again!

Well, I never thought I'd do a blog! After having laughed at social-networking for years while building web-sites that never quite serve the purpose right.... I finally decided to use the blog service.

Having posted quite a few replies and starting posts that have generated enthusiastic participation on the OboeBBoard (excellent spot, by the way!), I hope that this blog will be a useful tool in keeping the hot stuff in one place. Topics will include reed-making, breathing and sound, posture and physical endurance (lips, hands and others), specific performances and almost anything suggested by the comments.

I furthermore want to chronicle my process of re-mastering the instrument (and the art of music) after having left it in the closet for far too many years. Any oboist will concur on what horrible difficulties even a short leave of absence from practicing can ensue. But in the process of re-discovering the oboe, some things have already improved beyond my short-lived pro-days, though other issues are lagging far behind.

This blog should be interesting to amateurs and hobbyists of all ages, advanced music students and perhaps even seasoned pros who might find some reassurance here. This blog will discuss the joys and challenges of playing the oboe with fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease, but mostly how a former (short-lived) pro. lost his way during years of Engineering school and is now being reborn to this wonderous family of instruments with the help of computer technology.

But, you know what? With the much more relaxed attitude my lifestyle now affords me (that is, I don't have to panic for the next concert every couple of weeks), I have been able to experiment with my sound, reed-making and style and I think they have actually improved significantly over way-back-when.... though my technique and endurance are nowhere near what they used to be!

So, God willing, I'll be back on stage soon enough. In the meantime, I'll work with recorded accompaniment and MIDI. I'll put up some clips on You-Tube soon enough, but not so soon as I'll embarrass myself! ;-)


patty said...

I'm looking forward to reading about your journey, Robin! I found this via your following me on Twitter and I'm delighted to "meet" you.

It sounds like you deal with chronic pain? I'm sorry to read about that. I deal with various things, but I can't say the pain is constant, so I should learn to never complain!

Keep on blogging!


RobinDesHautbois said...

I will post blogs on the pain part frequently, but I don't want to depress any interested readers. The pain is a distraction, not the main topic. Overcoming it is not really a challenge, more like part of the training.

Thanks for the comment!

patty said...

Would you like to be added to my bloglist? I'd love to add you!

RobinDesHautbois said...

YES, absolutely - an honor! I was looking at your site, but could only find the Twitter gadget.

patty said...

Hmmm ... not sure what you mean about only finding the twitter gadget ...? (I'm an idiot when it comes to computers and such!)