Wednesday, June 8

IDRS 2011 and strange instruments.

This year, the convention of the International Double-Reed Society (IDRS) has generated much more discussion than last year. I did not go this year because the prospect happened much too quickly. But I’m hoping to go next year.

Attendees mentioned:

  • concerts and recitals: being able to talk with (some have even tried the reeds of) the performers
  • master classes and workshops
  • instrument museum and exhibits by almost every oboe/bassoon maker on the planet – where you can try and compare the brands
  • meeting fellow oboists from around the world and doing things together

Here are links to a discussion on the BBoard (here) and an excellent blog review (here). People who went were generally really happy about it.

258332_202955063081598_100001013189024_530146_1447247_oConclusion: I’m definitely getting membership during the year and hope to go next year. In 2012, it will be in Ohio and 2013 will be in California.

A picture that was taken there is rather curious: the Lupophone made by Guntram Wolf. The oboe, oboe d’amore and english horn are rather standard, but the barytone (bass) oboe is not. A few big-names make barytone oboe, but there is also the Heckelphone and the Lupophone which fulfil the exact same role in the orchestra, except they look completely different. I’m really happy that sound (not appearance) is deciding how the instruments are built.

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