Tuesday, March 20

Gracias a la vida para el oboe - Obrigado música Caraíbas!

It turns out the fatigue spell mentioned in the last blog post was nothing more than the onset of a normal every day cold.... not even a bad one! I took 2 days off from work mostly so I would not give it to anyone else - also couldn't play oboe for most of the week, but no harm done!

Sizzling music for hot times!

Brazilian Oboe & Guitar!
This past weekend was the hottest March weekend in memory of everyone I know who has lived in Eastern Canada in the past 75 years. The thermometer showed 26*C and the very rapidly melting snow shot the humidity up to near 90%... very uncomfortable!

So to celebrate the quick arrival of Spring in Ottawa and to honour the very many Portuguese and Spanish friends, here is a little something from a sizzling Minus One collection! SpainPortugalMy apologies if the performance style is reflects my love for Canadian Winters: I can only hope to grow the warm heart of Spanish and Portuguese speaking people!

south_america_countries_FLAGSI'm amazed at how many Faccebook Friendship requests and Twitter Followers I have gotten from Central and South-America, Spain and Portugal. The Portuguese and Spanish cultures are different, but from my French & English-Canadian musical perspective, they both share and offer together a wonderful set of styles including Samba, Tango, Rumba, Bossa-Nova and so on. Collectively, these are usually known as "Latino" or "Caribbean" and they are a real treat to play and hear: full of the enjoyment of life. I used to play these styles a lot in the Army Bands for concerts and Mess-Dinners: they were a favourite of the audience because they are so lively and promote good feelings when dozens of military officers (of very different personalities and career objectives!) would get together for drinks, supper and presentations.

central-americaI am also very much impressed by the musical activity, amateur and professional in the Caribbean and South America. Classical culture seems to be strongly promoted in high-school and as a part of everyday life. Of course, I only see what is available through Facebook and You-Tube and I have no idea how these are funded or managed, but I have to wonder if they might be doing much better than us over here!... then again, I am very likely not aware of everything we are doing here either!



Howard said...

bravo bravo bravo. you have come a long way!!!!

RobinDesHautbois said...

Thank you, my good friend Howard!

Tuning could have been better and some of the phrasing didn't come out the way I imagined it... that is, my imagination did not portray what came out...

But the sound is getting there (thanks to the weather?) and I'll be doing a post on computer video capture soon!

Anonymous said...

Great job man. you give me hope. i too play oboe and mine have been collecting webs! i love the instrument but due to jobs and job changes, the time just escapes! thanks for the encouragement.

Leon Aguilar

RobinDesHautbois said...

Thank you Leon!

Well, in a sense, I have it really easy because I do not have children to raise. Even so, I do know people with children and very busy professional lives who still manage to pursue musical or other artistic interests.... then again, these people are powerhouses of vitality!

All I can say is that, for myself, it is a matter of deciding what I want to do with my time and putting aside the rest .... then again, my house could use some work on the dry-wall and a coat of paint! ... and also NEVER be discouraged when we sound worse than we should: keep practicing and build it back a little at a time!

Thank you for visiting Leon, and I really hope you get the opportunity to clean up your oboe and put up a You-Tube of your own!